Colour Personalities

One of the easiest ways to understand personality types is to use the Colour system combined with what I call the ‘P’ words.

Powerful Red Personality

Powerful Red People are assertive, driving, competitive and ambitious. Their driving force or motivation is to be in control, to feel Powerful.

Popular Yellow Personality

Popular Yellow People are talkative, friendly, sociable and enthusiastic. Their driving force or motivation is to be Popular and liked by everyone.

Peaceful Green Personality

Peaceful Green People are calm, loyal and patient. Their driving force or motivation is for steadiness, everything to remain the same, for their life to be Peaceful.

Perfect Blue Personality

Perfect Blue People are Perfectionists. It’s not that they think they are Perfect, it’s just that they have very high standards. They are accurate, analytical, conscientious, and cautious.

Which is your main personality type?