Personality Types is Not a New Idea

Way back in 400BC Hippocrates noticed that people showed one of four characteristic types of behaviour which he gave the names of bodily fluids.

yellow bile or Choleric

blood or Sanguine

phlegm or Phlegmatic

black bile or Melancholic.

Since then, lots of different models that describe the 4 types of behavior or personalities have been developed.

Animals: Lion, Otter, Retriever and Beaver

DISC animals







Birds: Eagle, Peacock, Dove and Owl

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DISC Model: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance









Colours: Red, Yellow, Green & Blue

Physical Elements: Earth, Fire, Water & Air

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People Model: Powerful, Popular, Peaceful and Perfect

It doesn’t matter what name is given to the personality types, they all have the same characteristics.

We behave in a way that is a mixture of these 4 types or styles. It’s a unique mixture. Everyone is different. But everyone has one or two and occasionally three of these that are stronger than the others and therefore this type of behaviour is the one that occurs more than the others.