Why Everyone Needs to Understand People’s Different Personalities

In extreme situations people behave in different ways. Their natural behavioural style comes to the fore. Some people react by being aggressive and demanding, while others withdraw, become silent. This became evident last night with the angry protesters at Kensington Town Hall.

People have questioned Theresa May’s reaction to the dreadful disaster of the fire at Grenfell Towers in London. Mrs May shows the characteristics of a high Powerful D personality. This type focuses on tasks, on the job at hand, wanting results as quickly as possible. They show little emotion as they are not people oriented. They think first of all about what has to be done to fix the situation.








Compare that to Jeremy Corbyn who shows a high Peaceful S style. This style is people-focused, always concerned about others. So it is no surprise that Mr Corbyn visited the survivors while Mrs May talked to the rescue services.

The tabloids are guilty of writing ridiculous emotive headlines to sells papers. One I saw said something along the lines of “Theresa May too Scared to Speak to Survivors”. A high Powerful D is hardly ever scared. Chatting to people on a personal level is not something they do naturally as they don’t like to waste time when they could be getting on with decision-making.

However there are times when we must all adapt our style for the current situation. Mrs May should have been advised to visit the survivors and demonstrate a gentler, caring personality. It means raising her S style and lowering the D. She would not have been comfortable doing so but at times it is necessary.

Your personality is who you are. There is no right or wrong style. What is important is that we learn to read a situation or the people we are with and adapt ourselves accordingly for the good of all.