Does Your Child have a Behavioural Style Yet?

In the last post I was talking about where your Natural Behavioural Style comes from……

As babies develop into toddlers it’s there. In their genetic makeup. Some toddlers are more out-going than others, they laugh, scream and coo more. Some prefer to play by themselves whereas others never want to be alone. Some are bossy, others are not.


This is how my grandson, when he was between 2 and 3, played with his cars and ride-ons. They had to be lined up, not just in a line but from tallest to shortest. How High C is that?

External factors such as:

  • parents and their relationship with each other
  • siblings and place in the family
  • other family relations as well as friends
  • teachers and school
  • major life events

play a significant part in influencing and shaping the Behavioural Style of children. I’m finding it fascinating to watch the development of the personalities of my grandchildren.

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